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Construction Project Financing for Contractors

Let Coastal Capital Group Get the Financing You as a Contractor Need to Keep your Construction Company Moving Forward.

  • Contractors that work on construction projects averaging $500,000 &above often need help managing their cashflow while they are completing the job.
  • Contractors simply cannot afford to wait 30-90 days or longer to get paid.
  • Contractors can now call the Coastal Capital Group for a line of credit.
  • We give Contractors access to available funds needed to support bigger projects.
  • General Contractors and large Subcontractors can obtain a line of credit for construction projects that total $500,000 and above.
  • Contractors can now complete jobs without creating cash flow problems.
  • We help pay for stored materials and equipment.
  • Progress payments accelerate your cash flow to offset labor and fixed costs.
  • We don’t put you through typical “bank requirements” - we help Contractors that have a proven track record of getting the job done.
  • You can pre-qualify in order to bid and win more projects and bigger jobs.

If your company’s growth has been restricted by your current bank,

or your bank’s policies have changed and they no longer finance projects,

or if you have been turned down by a bank for a line of credit -CALL US NOW!

Contractor Program Highlights

Access to Funds:

  • Working Capital Contractors Line of Credit for the entire scope of the project

    • Contractor determines when to access funds and the amount needed to maintain positive cash flow in order to complete the job successfully

  • Initial “mobilization” funding to purchase stored materials

    • Up to 80% of the invoice amount advanced before the work even starts

  • Positive cash flow with contractors accounts receivable financing

    • Up to 80% advance rate on progress payment invoices as work is complete


  • Per diem money costs are very affordable and easy to budget

  • Access all or a portion of the available funds on an “as needed” basis; up to 40% of the entire project’s value at any one time


  • Contractors can bid to win more jobs and bigger projects

  • Contractors can purchase needed equipment instead of renting

  • Contractors can better qualify for additional bonding

Built-in Management Controls:

  • Third Party Administrator disburses and manages funding

  • Verification of invoices assures Subs are paid correctly

  • Verification of completed work is done on-site by our Engineer

Contact us today and one of our financial specialists will be happy to structure a plan for our business.